SOFI Membership Application
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_____$35 General Membership: Current annual dues
_____$100+ Supporting Member: Includes one year dues, featured listing on web site
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_____$400+ Lifetime Member: Includes pre-paid lifetime dues with permanent listing on web site (and our on-going gratitude)
Amount enclosed $_____________ payable by check or money order in U.S. funds.

Terms and Conditions of Membership

1. Membership is open to any person or entity with an interest in Sheykh Obeyd Arabian horses. Members accept the obligation to conduct their affairs in harmony with the spirit and policies of Sheykh Obeyd Foundation International (SOFI) and in a manner which safeguards the reputation and integrity associated with the name of Sheykh Obeyd Foundation International and the horses it represents.

2. Members are encouraged to approach the Board of Directors with ideas, concerns and questions. Official SOFI decisions and actions will be determined solely by vote of this Board and in accordance with the By-laws of Sheykh Obeyd Foundation International, Inc.

3. Members may not make statements representing that they speak for SOFI or create the impression that they represent SOFI in an official capacity unless such is specifically done at the request of the Board of Directors.

4. Sheykh Obeyd Arabians are quite rare. It is important to all owners and breeders that these horses be identified, valued and referred to as Sheykh Obeyd (SO) or Sheykh Obeyd Foundation (SOF) Arabians.

5. Members, regardless of personal preferences, will accept fully the SOFI tenet that all Sheykh Obeyd Arabians are of equal authenticity and qualification and agree to not degrade, demean or slander in any manner any Sheykh Obeyd horse, bloodline or breeding program.

6. Members will not promote a horse as being a Sheykh Obeyd Arabian unless it is qualified to be called a Sheykh Obeyd Arabian.

7. Members understand and accept that a Sheykh Obeyd Arabian is one which meets both of the following requirements:
A) Descends in all lines exclusively to those Arabians bred by, acquired by, or introduced into the genetic stream by one of the seven original Sheykh Obeyd Foundation Breeders.
B) Descends in all lines of the pedigree to a combination of the sixty -six horses listed in the By-Laws of Sheykh Obeyd Foundation International, Inc.

Any breach of the above will be cause for termination of membership. I hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions of Membership .


In an effort to help us update our records and improve our membership services, please take a few
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Do you have any services, skills, talents or resources you would like to contribute to SOFI?

How can SOFI best serve your needs in preserving, perpetuating and promoting Sheykh Obeyd Arabians?

Please provide the contact information for any new owners of Sheykh Obeyd Arabians or others you
may know who would be interested in receiving information from SOFI:

Please list SO foals born in the U.S. from 2002-2009 and provide AHA registration numbers when
available. (A print out from DataSource is encouraged if you have access.)
List ALL qualified SO Arabians not registered with AHA and make note of the official Stud Book of record.
Name Year Born Registration Number
________________________________________ _________ ______________________
________________________________________ _________ ______________________
________________________________________ _________ ______________________
________________________________________ _________ ______________________

Please list any deceased SO Arabian whose death has not been reported to the AHA or Stud Book of






Feel free to include any farm news, photos, articles, announcements or other information you would like to submit for possible inclusion in the Foundations Newsletter.
Thank you for your support of SOFI!