Angelic Noir ( Zarife El Mansour X Sunnyru Maaroufa )
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ANGELIC NOIR is an eight year old straight Egyptian mare. She has been tested by UC Davis and is homozygous for the black gene. Angel is from the Babson/Brown group and is non-Nazeer. Angel is a exquisite mare with a beautiful head, large eyes, long refined neck coming high out of her chest, a clean mitbah and a fantastic shoulder. She is an incredible mover with huge lift in the front and a power house drive from the rear. She is available for purchase with a breeding to the black straight Egyptian stallion, SIR HABBAS PASHA. Please contact for further information. 979-865-8160 arabfan@swbell.net

FA Sierra  Moon (Sir Habbas Pasha X FA Evening Star)
SOLD (To be exported to Egypt)
FA SIERRA MOON ( Sir Habbas Pasha X FA Evening Star ) is a 2004 black straight Egyptian mare out of a AK Sirhalima daughter and sired by a AK Sirhalima son. She is about 14.2 hands and a beautiful representation of the Babson, Halima, Sirecho cross. She is perfectly balanced with beautiful movement, very pretty head with large eyes, lovely neck set on well and a very clean mitbah. Sierra has had about six months under saddle and will be a suitable mount for almost any level rider. She needs another three months of finishing work and she could be shown in several different disciplines. She is an incredibly kind mare with a heart of gold. Both her sire and her dam are black so she should produce black when bred to black. For further info please contact Marilyn Lang at Fantasia Arabians 979-865-8160 arabfan@swbell.net

( Masada Khalil X Masada Aleena)
Lovely 2009 BLACK double Fa Daalim and double Fabo colt within the first two generations, this colt is a beautiful representation of two important SO breeding programs, Marilyn Lang and Walter Schimanski. Please contact for further information:
Catherine Zug
catherine.zug@hotmail.fr Home Cell
El Faarad TD
(Saud El Ameer x So Soniet)
1996 Bay Stallion. Two months professional training under saddle, but rusty. 15.1 hands, excellent conformation and temperament. Proven producer and can be pasture or hand bred. Al Khamsa, Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian.

Contact: Sheryl Flood, tuflood@earthlink.net. Visit our website for additional photos, pedigree: www.windtristearabians.com
Pritzlaff’s Honour
(Sonicent RSI x RG Zareefa)
1997 Chestnut mare, excellent conformation and disposition. Linebred    *Bint Moniet El Nefous and *Rashad Ibn Nazeer. SOFI, Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian and Al Khamsa. Sound but not broke to ride. $2,500 or $3,000 bred
Contact: Sheryl Flood, tuflood@earthlink.net. Visit our website for additional photos, pedigree: www.windtristearabians.com
Zarife El Mansour (FA Asar X Misttina)


Medinna Al Fadee
2007 black SE/SO colt
(Razal Ibn Azalia x Masada Aleena)
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R Amirs Mahrouf #0595423.
Straight Babson, Egyptian Stallion, foaled 05-18-2002. First generation from the Babson Farm. Bay with roaning, Beautiful head, 14 hands.
He has the fantastic Babson disposition. He would make a great gelding.
We need to sell him at a bargain of  $3,000.00.
Rosewood Arabians, Ralph & Rose Tebbe, P.O.BOX 103, Sawyerville, Il.

62085 (217) 835-2086
Avalon Rashiq Najm
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Avalon Daaim Zaakhir
2005 Black Gelding, sired by SEAN DAAIM CH and out of FA NILE STAR. This exquisite stallion has the movement of a winning Dressage mount and has just been started under saddle.
Contact Jennifer Blosser for additional information at tylerligon@aol.com

Avalon Fadl Halim .
2005 Black Stallion. He is a double FA DAALIM grandson. This incredible stallion is very balanced with a long slender neck. He traces to *TUHOTMOS, *FAKHER EL DIN 2 times, *ANSATA IBN HALIMA 2 times. This stallion should excel in any ring and will become and incredible herd sire.
Contact Jennifer Ligon for additional information at tylerligon@aol.com
Avalon Anubis
AVALON ANUBIS is a 2005 Black Gelding - started under saddle. He is sired by BW IBN FAYDIN, a Straight Babson with extreme type and out of, ELIZABETH ALIA CH, a mare that proves to be an exquisite product of the BUKRA lines, through ANSATA EL SHERIF, who was bred to the outstanding broodmare SABRAH, who produced the U.S. National Champion mare Fa Halima, and three other National winners.
This colt's dam is absolutely incredible. He is extreme and will excel in the halter arena. His name comes from the Egyptian God of the underworld, ANUBIS, who was portrayed as a Jackal.
The Jackel has a small delicate, dry face with small pointed ears closely set together and a very small muzzle. When AVALON ANUBIS was born he looked like that of a Black Jackal.
Contact Jennifer Blosser for additional information at tylerligon@aol.com
Avalon Yasminah Asil
2006 black/bay filly sired by BW IBN FAYDIN and out of MAHRUS MIST ASIIL. This quality filly will make an incredible halter filly. She has a very nice head and outstanding conformation. She simply floats when moving and has a wonderful temperament. She is sired by a black and out of a dam who was also sired by black, so great color chances.
She is full sister to
Contact Jennifer Blosser for additional information at tylerligon@aol.com
Additional Offerings from Avalon Mist Arabians.
Avalon Rasmaar Saqr
Negem Fasaadaserr : 2006 Chestnut Straight Babson Egyptian stallion      (Medinna Maximus X Maahroufa). Lines to all 6 Babson imports.
Sean Daaim CH (Fa Daalim x Ms Tuht)
or free lease, 1995 black/bay stallion
Avalon Fadl Halim (Sean Daaim CH x Lara Halima CH), 2005 black stallion
Avalon Riih (BW Ibn Faydin x FA Nile Star), 2007 black stallion
Avalon Shaadin (BW Ibn Faydin x Elizabeth Alia CH), 2007 black stallion
Avalon Fahlu Maarrasu
(REA Maar Halim  x  Lara Halima CH), 2008 bay stallion
Avalon Maar Bukr (REA Maar Halim x Elizabeth Alia CH), 2008 grey stallion
Avalon Rasmaar Saqr
(REA Maar Halim  x  Avalon Starlight Eve), 2008 Ch. stallion
AMA Doc Holiday (Sean Daaim CH x MyNameIsMisty), 2007 half/Arab buckskin gelding
Elizabeth Alia CH (Masada Aheb x Il Bint Halima), 1997 grey mare, sale pending
Mahrus Mist Asiil (Hallanny Mistanny x Hafiidah Halima), 1999 bay mare


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