SOFI Super Star   
By Marilyn Lang
Sir Habbas Pasha
AK Sirhalima X Fa Sherifaa

AK Sirhalima  "Little SH" was born in 1995, sired by the International Champion, AK Sirhalima and out of the lovely Ansata El Sherif daughter, Fa Sherifaa. He is the product of almost a full brother/full sister breeding and double Sirecho.
His nick name of Little SH comes about not because he is small. His sire, AK Sirhalima, spent the most of the first 17 years of his life in Australia. All those in Australia who knew and loved him, called him SH.
Sir Habbas Pasha was obviously going to be black from the minute he hit the ground, so before he had a registry name, he was being called "Little SH" (pictured both above and directly below).

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This was his first major Arabian horse show, having only been to a few open shows prior to the EE. No surprise, he gave his all and came home a champion. He is the kind of Arab that you read about living in the tents with the Bedouins. Intelligent, affectionate, well mannered, loving and a joy to be around.


We shipped him to a trainer in Fort Worth in 2000 for training in the discipline of reining and working cow horse. I wanted to have a good amateur reining horse. This type of training takes a minimum of one year.
Later that year, I took on a major health issue but decided to leave him in training, hoping that by the following spring, I would be able to show him in reining. Come spring, I realized I was not going to have the physical strength it requires to show in reining, so we brought him home. We bred him to two mares in 2002, both Sheykh Obeyd. One mare had a lovely black filly and the other mare had an outstanding black colt. We made the decision this year to put him back in training in early spring, so that we could take him to the EE to show in performance.

We are proud that Little SH is Sheykh Obeyd and think much of his personality and ability is because of his heritage. We are looking forward to showing him in the future, in a number of disciplines and hope to qualify him for the Regional's and the Nationals. We are proud to have him in our lives and a part of our breeding program.
Marilyn Lang
He was a beautiful colt and his sweet disposition was a given from day one. His sire was what one might call high octane, extremely self confident and very cocky.
As a matter of fact, he was also called the "Cocky Little Bantam Rooster" in Australia. In other words, a stallion who stood 14.2 hands but grew to 16 hands when brought out of his stall.

His color is a dark, velvet black. He has huge eyes, just as both his sire and dam. Little SH was his dam reincarnated for disposition. That has never changed. He is a very loving and giving stallion sweet enough for our grand daughter who just took her first ride at 6 years old to ride. He is a true testament to the disposition of his bloodline.  Most people who meet him for the first time have a hard time believing he is a stallion.
FA  Sherifaa
AK Sirhalima, with Marilyn Lang
Little SH won the following ribbons:
Reserve Native Costume Champion

Third Place Open Western Pleasure Championship

Second Place in the Preliminary Liberty Class

Fourth Place in the Liberty Class Championship

Fifth Place in the Open Native Costume Class