His name could be the answer to this simple question : Who was, for a long time, the only "black" stallion imported from Egypt to the U.S.A.? Yes... *Adhem was the first black son of Alaa El Din and the first black Straight Egyptian horse to come to the United. His name still shines as one of the most brilliant stars of the bloodlines heavily used in black breeding programs all around the world.

Alaa  El Din

Adhem is a Sheykh Obeyd, Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, Blue List eligible and Asil horse. Being by Alaa El Din out of Zabia by Adham, he was born in Egypt on the 17th of January 1967 and registered in the EAO studbook as number 209. He was bred by Al Badeia Stud Farm who owned his mother and which is now one of the most famous Arabian Studs in the world. Actually at the time of his birth it was still the beginning of this stud farm situated in Cairo and it was owned by a pretty young Sayed Marei, But this is another story...
Adhem's pedigree is a very special and rare one, although it contains some of the most classic Egyptian bloodlines used at the beginning of the 20th century.

First, he's of the Kuhaytan Jellabi strain, a strain that was highly prized even before Abbas Pasha. Today, it's still one of the most regarded strains, providing modern show horses of renown like the famous RDM Maar Hala. You can note that *Adhem is pure-in-the strain Kuhaylan being by the Kuhayian Rodan stallion Alaa El Din out of the Kuhaylah Jellabiyet mare Zabia (also called Zabeia or Zobeya), he also displayed and bred strong Kuhaylan type.  

Bint Yamama (KDV) with her foal, Hilal.

Like all modern descendants of the Kuhaylan Jellabi strain, his tail female goes back to the famous mare of Abbas Pasha, Jellabiet Feysul. This line was later bred on by H.H. Prince Mohamed Ali who was the owner of Bint Yamama (Saklawi I and Yemama by Aziz). He was the well known breeder of the famous horses exported by W. R. Brown and Henry B. Babson to the United States in 1932, *Nasr, *Roda, *Aziza, "HH Mohamed Ali's Hamida, *Fadl, *Maaroufa, *Zarife, *HH Mohamed Ali's Hamama, thanks to the Bint Yemama daughters, Negma and Aroussa and later her granddaughter Mahroussa.  
Bint Yamama (KDV) with her foal, Hilal
 Negma Most of Negma, Aroussa and Mahroussa progeny came to the United States and only Bint Yamama's granddaughters, Radia, Bint Aroussa and Zahra remained in Egypt. Bint Aroussa never left any offspring and Bint Radia's tail female disappeared. This left us only Zahra to bred on the Kuhaylan Jellabi family in Egypt and this is "Adhem's rare tail female!  

Zahra in turn, had only one breeding granddaughter Ghazala I, but unlike her ancestors, Ghazala I was destined to a successful breeding career. She got 5 daughters. One Straight Egyptian *Bint Gazella by Sid Abouhom was exported to the U.S.A. where she left a prolific line through her daughter Meshmesha by *Anwwarr. Another Straight Egyptian, Atfa by Morafic, was also bought by Sayed Marei of Al Badeia Stud and kept in Egypt, however the main part of her produce was exported like her nephew *Adhem and her only granddaughter remaining in Egypt, Hind Albadeia, didn't seem to breed on. Among these daughters, three were also Sheykh Obeyd. One was out of El Belbesi daughter, Bint Ghazala, whose Sheykh Obeyd daughter never left any progeny, and two were by the black stallion Adham : Ghazira, dead without progeny, and Zabia, mother of *Adhem.
Aziza Serr Anadah, a *Adhem daughter

Actually, it looks like there are no more Kuhaylan Jellabi tail female in Egypt that never left this country. All of Zabia's offspring was in their turn exported all over the world : *Adhem and his half sisters *Sabah El Kheir by *Tuhotmos and *Nasra by Morafic went to the United States and the last, El Aziza by Gassir went to Hungary then later to Germany. *Nasra was imported by James G. Dawd but is more well known as one of the foundation mare of Jarrell McCracken for his famous Bentwood Farm.

El Aziza became an good broodmare for the National Hungarian Stud of Babolna. She was imported in foal to the Al Badeia head stallion Kayed and produced the grey mare 19 Kayed-1. At Babolna she was bred to the many different Straight Egyptian stallions: Ghalion, Ibn Galal, etc. Just like her, all of her offspring went to Germany where she now has an influential Straight Egyptian family. In Germany, she produced *Chrymont Aasirah who was exported to the U.S.A. as a yearling.

*Sabah El Kheir is of special note because she's the only tail female within Sheykh Obeyd to this part of the Kuhaylan Jellabi family that lived in Egypt after the 1932 importations. She is also an international broodmare with offspring on three different continents. She was first exported to France where she got two sons by a Polish stallion, one of them Sahel II was used as a breeding stallion. Sahel II was used a lot by French breeders on local breeds of horses and ponies. He got 210 produce during his lifetime but only three of them were Arabian horses. He had several good to excellent offspring competing in jumping, dressage and cross country events against all breeds, like Orly du Colombie, Quirire, Vendredi, Bahia Des Graves, Baraka De Tescou, Tirana Du Plaisir, Aurelia Du Quercy, all French Warmbloods ; and also the Anglo-Arabians, Black De Berot and Basra ; and the ponies, Dehli, Daizy Des Lilas, Dispy, D'Astora and Empereur IV.

Then it's pretty sad however that *Sabah El Kheir's inbred Sheykh Obeyd son Chara El Tuhotmos died so young. A horse with 75 % of "`Tuhotmos blood is really precious considering the success of Sheykh Obeyd horses with the same breeding like the famous El  Mon Moniet (out of Amira Moniet) and Bint Masarra (out of *Masarra), who are truly corner stones of Sheykh Obeyd breeding.

Later came Arabian Prk Faraz and Bint Sabah, Straight Egyptian siblings, by *Farazdac. Arabian Prk Faraz was exported to Australia and had a wide influence on Arabian breeding in that country with 90 Arabian foals, and most of them coming from the "Arabian Park" breeding program too. Bint Sabah remained in the U.S.A. and became a prolific broodmare for David and Mary Ann Kent of Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

At that time, *Sabah El Kheir was acquired by Bentwood Farms like her half-sister *Nasra. There, she produced several good Straight Egyptian offspring, for example, the gelding Sharral, by The Egyptian Prince, who attended class A Events or CT Rosina, by Ansata El Sherif, exported to Brazil. Only one of her daughters is available to perpetuate her Sheykh Obeyd line, CT Sheria, by the glorious Ansata El Sherif.  

Several offspring were then secured for Sheykh Obeyd breeding by devoted Sheykh Obeyd breeders like David L. Myers of Renaissance Arabians or Janet F. Bazell. A very special mare is Mijan AmiraSheria, who is by the *Adhem son, Saud El Ameer, thus making her 37.5% Zabia !
CT Sheria

*Adhem's tail male goes back to Sakiawi I through Nazeer like most Straight Egyptian horses in the world. The sire of *Adhem, Alaa El Din, had considerable success in the U.S.A. First, he's a maternal brother to Moftakhar, a famous Sheykh Obeyd, Straight Egyptian stallion. But he's also the sire of three sire of National winners.

The Sheykh Obeyd half-brother of *Adhem, *Soufian (out of Moniet El Nefous), has sired two National winners. The full brothers *Fateh++ and *Farazdac are also sires of National winners in Native Costume and at halter. *Faleh++ was himself a successful performance horse. He was U.S. National Champion in Native Costume in 1971 and 1975, Reserve Champion in 1973 and TOP TEN in 1974 ; U.S. National Champion in Sidesaddle Class in 1974 and 1976 and TOP TEN in English Pleasure in 1975.

Alaa El Din daughter's were certainly some of the best broodmares in the world. The unmistakable *Magidaa is the dam of three very well-known National Champions. The unequalled *Shiaa++ became U.S. TOP TEN Champion mare at halter in 1971 and was the dam of 2 National Champions. The Sheykh Obeyd mare Luftia was exported to the National Hungarian Stud of Babolna where she became an important foundation broodmare and is the dam of the missed *Ibn Galal 1-7 who became U.S. TOP TEN mare in 1984.


MAGlDAA 56075 Sired by Alaa El Din and out of the beautiful mare Maysa Dam of: 1974 National Futurity Champion Stallion 1975 National Futurity Champion Mare 1975 Top Ten Stallion

The imported mare *Ramses Ama,l is the dam of the successful Keyaf, who became U.S. National Champion Futurity Stallion in 1978 and Canadian TOP TEN Stallion in 1979. The overshadowed maternal sister to *Sakr+++, *Daad, was also the dam of Nagwa Fouad, a U.S. TOP TEN Futurity Mare. One of the precious Sheykh Obeyd daughters of Alaa El Din stayed in Egypt, Rawayeh, is the dam of one of the most highly regarded Straight Egyptian stallions in the U.S., the mystic *El Mareekh, who became U.S. TOP TEN Stallion before his early death. But the most famous Alaa Et Din daughter is without any doubt Hanan. This mare imported to Germany by the Dr. Hans Nagel became his foundation broodmare and reached the status of one of the most influential mares in the world with an unreal speed. Her sons and daughters were exported all over the world, her bloodlines are used heavily with success on a huge amount of different lines and many of her descendants are top show and producing horses.

The best example is the legendary *Jamill, U.S. TOP TEN Stallion in 1983, that was used by the most influential Straight Egyptian breeding program in the world, Ansata Arabian Stud of Don and Judith Forbis. Looking at "Adhem's pedigree you can easily imagine the great Kuhaylan type he had. In the photos of him you can easily see how muscular and powerful he was. He was unmistakably THE stallion. His silhouette was of prefect balance with rounded outlines. He was truly well built with deep chest, quite broad front-legs positioned very far back from the chest and very muscular especially on the forearm, and a very developed back-hand. He was a compact horse with a wide front-hand and back-hand. His typey horse had just exquisite ears, small and very close together, and pretty large expressive dark eyes. However he didn't had a very long neck. *Adhem was an heterozygous black horse (meaning he could produce every color and less black than an homozygous black), being by the chestnut Alaa El Din, with no white markings. But several of his descendants are homozygous black horses.  

His pedigree features also some Saklawi and Hadban lines but almost no Dahman tines which is pretty amazing when one think about the actual influence El Dahmah and Bint El Bahreyn lines have on the whole Arabian bred. His Saklawi lines provided him grace, elegance, beauty and refinement. It also made him took a little lighter than a pure Kuhaylan horses. We also know he Ghazieh tine provided fabulous Endurance and Racing horses as welt as natural Show horses. His Hadban tines could be one of the reasons he was such a good and prepotant stallion, as Hadban lines are renown for producing the most fabulous stallions of the bred.   

 You may also note that *Adhem's dam Zabia was a highly linebred mare. Her sire, Adham was by Ibn Fayda out of Zahra and her dam was by an Ibn Fayda son out of a Zahra daughter. This make *Adhem also linebred to this horse with 18.75 % of blood of both Ibn Fayda and Zahra. It's not hard to imagine the black *Adhem was certainly looking like his black grandfather Adham, as Adham's ancestors are dominant in *Adhem's pedigree. It's also very likely that *Adhem was named after him. Adham's father Ibn Fayda was one of the numerous Ibn Rabdan offspring but he was certainty looking more like his Saklawi dam line. But we must consider Adham took maybe more after his dam Zahra. She was by Gamil Manial (Mansour's sire) out of the famous Negma, bred by H.H. Prince Mohamed Ali.


*Adhem was imported as a 3 year old in 1970 by Joseph and Trucillia L. Enz of Dalton City, Illinois, who owned him until 1975 when he was sold to Golden Future Arabians of Temecula, California. He was then registered with number 64913 by the AHRA.. The Enz family bred a number of *Adhem get for their "Aziza" breeding program . You can also note that they owned and use a close Straight Egyptian relative to *Adhem, Nazim Pasha (*Ansata Ibn Halima and *Nasra by *Morafic out of Zabia, 'Adhem's mother). This shows their great trust in the rare and precious tail female of *Adhem.   

Aziza Serr Anadah, an *Adhem daughter Later, Golden Future Arabians used him also extensively and bred many very good offspring by him. And they were still recorded as owners of some *Adhem descendants in 2000. A good example of the horses they bred from him would be Shaitan Aswaad, a bay stallion out of a Davenport bred mare, who attended many Class A performance Shows in English Pleasure and Driving. His first son, the black SH Midniteexpress (out of Inver Bey, a Crabbetl Polish bred mare, owned by Charmaine Sharpe) attended many Class A performance Shows in Native Costume, Stock Horse, Western Pleasure and Working Cow. His last son, the grey gelding, Ilektrik Night (out of the Marvs Candy Kid, a Polish /Crabbet/Babson mare), bred by Ralph G. and Mary S. Stange, was a real all-around horse as he won at several Class A shows at halter as well as a Level 1 Dressage Class's.

Ernest C. Golden is also the breeder of the grey stallion Gift of Prophecy (out of Farah Zaroussa, a Babsan bred mare) who wan several Class A performance Championships, more especially in Hunter Classes. Gift of Prophecy, later bought by Terry L. Walker, is himself the sire of Aziza Bint Sahana (out of the Aziza bred, Aziza Serr Raymah by Nazim Pasha out of Aziza Serr Anadah by *Adhem). Bint Sahana, bred by Terry Walker and Harold Coder Jr., is so a mare with a very high line-breeding to Zabia, *Adhem's mother. She won many times in a row Region 14 performance Championship or Reserve, as well as various performance Class A shows over the country, in Jumping and Hunter. Terry L. Walker also bred ZA Nabi Sheitan (Gift of Prophecy & Mitzie tbmaxhue, a Crabbet bred mare), who wan several Class A performance Shows in Western Pleasure. Gift of Prophecy also bred the bay stallion Tajatty (out of Razque Matai, a Polish /Crabbet/Davenport mare, owned by Gertrude Weiget) who won at many Class A Shows and Reserve Championships in Western Pleasure.  

 Adhem is renown for having an exquisite production. His well bred offspring include very pretty geldings, fine broodmares and excellent stallions. He gives level headed offspring. Most of his descendants are doing horses with substance and conformation, yet still beautiful inside and outside. They are able to perform in nearly every class from Racing to Park. Some of them have national results in Jumping, English and Western Pleasure, Costume, Driving, Endurance, Reining and of course Halter.

His male descendants are of good quality. They are big, beautiful animals with excellent conformation and well proportioned compact bodies. They have size and power you don't see everyday. And those guys have incredible strong bone too. *Adhem is adding a lovely plenty of hip and top tine. But he adds also a classic but gorgeous perfectly dished head, with huge and kind eyes, and welt set necks. They have excellent tail carriage. Hi s foals inherited his strong shoulder. They all have super correct legs. They are well known for their outstanding disposition. They are very gentle and well-mannered with a bit of a character, yet they are real people lovers. They are spirited and smart animals with a tot of flash. Some of them however are reported to be hot but always with a lot of style. They are always ready-to-please with a quick teaming attitude. When moving they are quick an their feet. Most of them inherited his smooth black color.
SOFI Ancestor, *Adhem
By Amelie  Blackwell, 2003