*Adhem, continued
When they're young they just took from lovely to absolutely stunning. But when they became older you can see how athletic they are. Most of them are suited to become great stallions and show or riding prospects, especially for Trail or Endurance.

But he adds also a classic but gorgeous perfectly dished head, with huge and kind eyes, and welt set necks. They have excellent tail carriage. Hi s foals inherited his strong shoulder. They all have super correct legs. They are well known for their outstanding disposition. They are very gentle and well-mannered with a bit of a character, yet they are real people lovers. They are spirited and smart animals with a tot of flash. Some of them however are reported to be hot but always with a lot of style. They are always ready-to-please with a quick teaming attitude. When moving they are quick an their feet. Most of them inherited his smooth black color. When they're young they just took from lovely to absolutely stunning. But when they became older you can see how athletic they are. Most of them are suited to become great stallions and show or riding prospects, especially for Trail or Endurance. During his lifetime *Adhem had only two Sheykh Obeyd produces. Both black stallions and full brothers out of the black Pritzlaff mare Gita RSI (Faraad and Grete by *Rashad Ibn Nazeer) bred by Earl L. and Helen R. Foster who owned the mare. And is it really a surprise for us Sheykh Obeyd breeders that they soon became the most well-known and thought after sons of *Adhem ?

Saud El Ameer

The older is Saud El Ameer, a solid black and homozygous for the black color gene. He stands well over 15.2 hands, has a pretty face with huge eyes, super tong neck, smooth body with level top tine and croup and has excellent tail carriage. Best of all, he produces all these wonderful traits to his offspring. He was never shown due to a fracture to his leg in a trailer accident as a yearling. However, he has gone on to make a great difference in the Egyptian and Black breeding industry. He has produced over 150 quality foals, the majority of them being black. He has been listed many times in the Arabian Horse World Magazine's Leading Sire List! He's owned by Hughes Arabians Inc., which is known for producing their quality offspring and is the largest black Arabian breeding farm in North America.

Saud El Ameer was quite a prolific stallion but we cannot avoid to mention some of his most successful offspring. The first I need to tell you about is FA Ameera, a drop dead gorgeous black Sheykh Obeyd mare, out of the incomparable FA Bint Anniq. She was bred very wisely by the long time devoted breeder Marilyn Lang of Fantasia Arabians and was able to attend a Class A Show at Halter.

Amati Mattlock

Regna Evans, an *Adhem fan, bred the phenomenal black mare Saud El Milanne, out of the Babson/Crabbet/Davenport mare Bint Milanne. She's a multi-international Champion mare in English Pleasure with Canadian National TOP 10 in 1991, Region 13 Reserve Champion in 1992, Region 11 and Region 14 TOP 5 in Country English Pleasure. One of her sons, Amati Matttock (Arabi Fadh Onyx and Saud El Milanne) is of special note as he's a double *Adhem great-grandson. This stallion was named Class A Reserve Junior Champion at Ha;ter in Florida. He is a very refined horse that shows true Arabian type. He has a beautiful extreme head, tong and nicety set neck, smooth top line. His conformation is truly hard to fault and he's got outstanding disposition.  
But most of all he inherited from the lovely action *Adhem horses are known for. Mrs. Evans bred also a real all-around son of Saud El Ameer with her mare Notous-E, an *Ibn Moniet El Nefous daughter out of a Babson/Crabbet/Polish mare. This black gelding, SSS Saud El Nefous raced well in 1985 and 1986. Taking 19 starts, he was placed 7 times and won a first place, 3 second places and 5 third places. But he also competed in Regional Shows at Ha;ter. Maxine and Al Frezette bred the balck full brothers Saud El Shataan and Saud El Faserr, out of the Straight Egyptian Bint Shar Gemla (Serhabbas by Shar Gemla by Negem), who won many Class A English Pleasure and Native Costume Shows. They also bred Black Pharoah out of the Dalul daughter Mjzdalul, who won Class A Shows at Halter as well Most Classic honors. Another black Saud El Ameer son to note is HV Desert Mirage as he's also an *Adhem great-great grandson through his tail female to SG Adhanna, Interesting to see, he was shown at international level at Halter.
Saud El Warsaw

Saud El Zaghloul

The bay gelding, Stormy Prophet, by Saud El Ameer out of the Polish/Crabbet mare SJ Wild Fire, bred by Dr. C.J. and Onita M. Gramolini, is a multi-international Champion in Native Costume and English Pleasure.

Another son of Saud El Ameer who attended Class A Ha;ter Championships is the grey stallion Jy Halston, bred by Jean Young out of her Ra'adin Inshallah granddaughter Jinniya Jadir. Danlen Investments Inc. bred the grey mare Saud El Nefisaa out of the Pure Egyptian mare RDO Royal Nazli (Glorieta Alisudan and Royal Egyptian by El Hilal), as well as the black mare Suhma Dantita out of the *Adhem granddaughter Midnight Llara, who both attended Class A Halter Championships. Leon 0. and Alyene Burke, breeders of the famous black "RDO" horses also used Saud El Ameer, They obtained the bay Pure Egyptian stallion RDO Zarif out of their RDO Ghazala (Ansata Et Wazir El Shikos Delaila by Shiko Ibn Sheikh), who attended Class A performance and Ha;ter Championships. The Polish bred mare Moonstruckk of Bradford E. and Irene S. Aborn, once owners of Saud El Ameer, gave them the black stallion Saud El Warsaw, who was named Class A Country English Pleasure Champion. And last but not (east is the young black stallion Amir El Sadat, out of the Babson/Brown bred mare CN Sadats Manarka, bred by Sidney and Charlene Dunn who also competed in a Class A Western Pleasure Championship.

Saud EI Ameer's offspring were exported all over the world : the black Straight Egyptian stallion (out of Akid Keatia by Ruminaia Ali and Aid Hanalei by AK Elzahra Moniet), bred by Bradford L. and Irene S- Aborn, was exported to Chile, as well as the black stallion Azuat Cabir of RA Nightwind (a *Bask./Hallany Mistanny bred mare), imported inutero, and the black full sister of the following stallion Beau Phantom, Saud El Shareefa ; the black Straight Egyptian stallion, Beau Phantom (out of SA Sedona by RG Gabriel and Tarong Sheena by AK Sirhatima), bred by Dr. Hugh and Alexandra Hodsman, was exported to the Netherlands, as well as the black Straight Egyptian stallion, Abbu Ben Adhern (out of SES Dafina by Fa Daalim and Ra'adin Khebira by Ansata lbn Sudan), bred by Joan Rogers~ the Straight Egyptian bay stallion Abou El Gethou SQR~ (out of Raasha by At Fattah and Rasheeka by Ibn Morafic), was imported back to Egypt by Omar Sakr inutero ; the Straight Egyptian bay stallion EH Bakit (out of EH Bahigah by At Nowasy and Bint Bint Basima by El Hitat GASB), bred by Erich Hagentocher, came to Austria and last but not least the bay Straight Egyptian stallion Say Amen (out of Eskada Adriana US by Hatim El Nefous and Anaroufa by *Ibn Moniet El Nefous) was imported inutero to Sweden.  

The second is Khe Adhm, who is recorded to be the sweetest and most willing horse you'll ever find. He's renown for having a great deal of influence on the disposition. On the Khe Adhm's kids, the really good, sensible disposition seems to be a common thread and they are also nice fluid moving horses with a big stride. They are real "using" horses as they try very hard to please and their love for affection for humans are unmatched. Khe Adhm has several Sheykh Obeyd replacement sons. One of the youngest, Khe El Din was recently classed 2nd in a Show event.
The long time Sheykh Obeyd breeder Stephanie White of Brandywine Arabians is speaking about Saud El Ameer's little brother Khe Adhm: "I always admired *Adhem and his son Khe Adhm who is also out of Gita RSI. I have been in the horse business since 1973 and I have loved these horses. I saw a photograph of *Adhem in one of the magazine and for many years I have admired his most lovely son, Khe Adm, owned by John and Jean Clark of Clark Arabians, Thayer, Missouri, U.S.A."

Khe Adhm is very consistent for producing typey and tall children, with long necks and excellent legs... Trotting level, everyone I have seen. Short heads, big expressive eye and wonderful dispositions, I have three Khe Adhm foals, all 3 years of age now and are over 15 hands and are typey! All three have deep heart girths, laid back shoulders and long hips. The short coupling is nice also. These horses are future performance horses with tremendous action. I believe they will excel in dressage and other disciplines as they are very upright horses. We have great plans for our two Khe Adhm sons and this one daughter. We are using the black son, Khesir BWA, who is out of Sirenasellen BWA, an SF Khala Zahra granddaughter.
Khesir BWA and his dam, Sirenasellen BWA We feel confident we will see *Adhem qualities passed on to our foals next year. We have crossed Khesir BWA with daughters of Amir Seralim BWA, Ansata Abu Nazeer, and some outside mares of *Serafix/Bask breeding, Our Khe Adhm daughter has been bred to Amir Seralim BWA. We expect the long necks, the willing disposition, the type and height. The short heads and expressive eyes. .. and of course, the short couplings. But then, that is what we have bred for with good legs. All of our mares move well and the Khe Adhm's sons will expound on those qualities. The elusive black color is a bonus in our herd however, some Khe Adhm children have already done well in Racing, Driving, Endurance, etc."


Both photos: Khe Adhm

Khe Adh Amir John and Jean Clark bred several very good offsprings by Khe Adhm. One of them is Khe Adh Amir out of the Straight Egyptian, Princess Taminaa (TheEgyptianPrince & AK TaIdinaa by Talatsori) who had his first racing season in 1999. In 5 races, he was placed twice and won a first place and 2 third places. At the same time, his full brother Khe Hassan attended Class A Show in Native Costume and Western Pleasure.

Khe Adh Amir

Another  son of *Adhem to note is Alaa Amid, a grey stallion bred by Barbara Jean Cisset, out of the Babson/ Brown / Davenport bred mare Fadania. He won Region 2 Championship in Dressage in 1988. But I also need to mention the chestnut gelding Ameer of Fire, bred by Corinne Andrews out of her Crabbet/Brown mare Tailormade Lazam, who attended Class A Shows in Dressage.

*Adhem's female descendants are strikingly beautiful, graceful, strong, elegant and impressive girls, as most of them are very tall. These are just real powerhouses! They are also well built with good legs as well as good bodies with smooth top line. Thus they have a conformation hard to fault. But they are just as balanced, huge and powerful as their male siblings. They also have good bone. They show excellent and fast motion with floating gaits. These girls have stunning beautiful classic heads and lovely well-set necks. They have lots of charisma with bold attitude and lots of class but also wonderful dispositions. They are real sweethearts but sometimes rather shy with people. However they are always easy to work with. It's hard not to feet breathtaking when looking at them for the first time. They seem to be outstanding for breeding, especially in black breeding program, but also for Show, or for Endurance as Key are very atheltic. The black smooth color is very common too.

One of the most successful daughter of *Adhem is Adhemsindianmagic, bred by Regna Evans, out of the Babson/Crabbet/Polish mare Indian Magic GG. She run 23 races during the 1986 and 1987 seasons, was placed 10 times and won two first places, six second places and a third place. The main part of her progeny was as or even more successful than their mother for racing. The first daughter Regna Evans bred from her, SSS First Lady, by Sur President-E, run during the same seasons as her mother. She took 22 starts, was placed six times and won seven first places, two second places and two third places. Adhemsindianmagic was then bought by Gayle Sanders and Gregg. They bred SSS First Lady's half -sister by Sunny Acres Batal, SSS Indian Fancy, who run five races during the 1988 season. She was placed twice and won two third places. And they also bred the grey stallion Tantrum y Kishstar who run 53 races from 1992 to 1999, He was placed 12 times and won 14 first places, 14 second places and five third places.

Then Stacie Lynn and Patrick Roy Smart acquired Adhemsindiarimagic. She was bred to Jamals Rebel producing the chestnut stallion Jambi Indiarimagic, who run two races in 1996. Joseph R. and Irene P. Silva were the last to bred from Adhemsindianmagic and they obtained the bay mare Flowjo out of PH Magnum. She run 20 races during the 1998 and 1999 seasons, was placed twice and won one first place, four second places and six third places.

On another scale, a different Adhem daughter. DW Tahreefa, out of a Babson/Crabbet mare DU Abi owned by Dolores Reppel, won a Native Costume Class A Show. Her son by *GG Samir bred by Rancho De Alegre won himself several Class A Show in Western Pleasure and at Halter.  

Knight Fright

Donna M. Groseclose's account of her interest in the *Adhem bloodlines: "I became interested in the *Adhem line because of an outstanding stallion located approximately 120 miles from my home. Knight Fright (Amir) is a son of Amir El Adhem and a grandson of *Adhem. Thus far in our breeding program we have used only his service. My decision to use him was based on his athleticism, refinement, typey-ness, show record, people loving temperament and kind, wiling personality. He most definitely passes on all of these qualities onto his foals, as I have two.

The first video I ever saw of Amir included him being ridded and handles by young children, this with only a halter and lead rope. The first time I saw him in person, he allowed me to do whatever I wanted with him. He is an international sire, with offspring in Belgium and other countries. Amir is an homozygous black, 12.5+ hands high, of a Egyptian/Crabbet cross. He currently has championships and reserves in Halter, Saddle seat, Dressage and Sport Horse in Hand. Amir is trained and is owned by Donna Kraft of Black Knight Arabians in Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA
We could talk about many more *Adhem offspring but this is already enough proof of this Sheykh Obeyd stallion's incredible quality !

*Adhem Descendants:
Midnight Raven, KheMona, Thee Jester
Khe Adm, Midnight Raven
Zou Zou Marou   

     The End.