Maar Ree was born, a coal black filly by FaSabb out of the beautiful Maarou, on April 12, 1957 and remained with her breeder, Nellie Jackson for four years. When Dr. Leon and Roberta Weaver visited the Jackson farm in 1960, looking for foundation stock. They had been searching for their foundation stock for over two years when they were given a complete tour of the Jackson farm. Bobbe Weaver walked through the trees of a beautiful orchard, and there found the young Maar-Ree. She knew from the moment she saw the black filly, that this was the mare who would be the cornerstone of their Straight Egyptian breeding program...

In her words, "Maar-Ree was an elegant mare that sent shivers up my spine the first time I saw her. That was a sensation she invoked in me all the years she shared my life." It took well over a year of negotiations to convince the Jackson's that were worthy of their splendid young mare but they did acquire Maar-Ree and formed a life-long friendship with the Jacksons.

Maar Ree remained with the Weavers for eleven years, when ill health forced the Weavers to disperse their horses. For the eleven years Maar-Ree lived with them, she was Bobbe Weaver's personal saddle horse. They won many ribbons together in English, Jumping and Western Pleasure and was never out of the ribbons. She also produced six foals for the Weavers. The first of Maar-Ree's fourteen foals for the was a bay filly by Disaan, named Maar Jumana. She was born in 1962, and produced two colts and six fillies including RDM Maar Hala and MFA Monien. Maar-Ree's second foal, Maar Raj was a multi-champion by Sur-Ghari.


Maar Khaliq

Her next colt, Maar Jon was by Disaan. The next was a dark bay colt by *Ibn Moniet El Nefous named Maar Khaliq who eventually became the senior herd sire for Mubazir Arabians in Valley Center, California who bred many incredibly beautiful and athletic Straight Egyptian horses.
A second colt by *Ibn Moniet El Nefous, Maar Jalal, followed by the beautiful grey mare, Maar Juhara, also by *Ibn Moniet El Nefous and the last foal bred by the Weavers.
Bob and Jeanne Middleton, of Renton, Washington, purchased Maar-Ree's oldest daughter, Maar Jumana. Jumana was open when she arrived at the Middleton's farm and they bred her El Hilal, producing RDM Maar Hala.

When Mr. Weaver's worsening heart condition necessitated a move and change of lifestyle for the Weavers, the Middletons were able to acquire Maar-Ree and her filly Maar Juhara , after a visit from Bobbe that convinced her that they would provide a good home for her beloved friend.

Tribute to
RDM Maar Hala:


RDM Maar Hala
MFA Maariia Isis
RDM Maar Halima  
The Middleton's also bred Maar-Ree to El Hilal to produce RDM Maar Halima in 1974, then to TheEgyptianPrince to produce RDM Dhakkhar in 1975, them again for her fourth Champion colt, Sarmaan in 1976, who her put her on the Aristocrat Mare list. The next year, again bred to TheEgyptianPrince, Maar-Ree produced the beautiful MFA Maariia Isis in 1977 at the age of twenty. In 1980 Maar-Ree gave birth to a colt by The Egyptian Prince named MFA Bahar. Her last foal, MFA Bint Maarree by El Hilal was born in 1981.

The impact of Maar-Ree through her sons and daughters has been tremendous. Her line breeds strong and true and possesses tremendous beauty, athletic ability and loving, intelligent minds that makes her grandsons and granddaughters sought after and treasured as family friends, riding horses, show horses and breeding stock...

MFA Bint Maarree

For more information about Maar Ree and the Tail female to *Maaroufa, please visit Hampton's web site. Kuhaylan Jellabi.com

SOFI Footnote:
Maar Ree was a beautiful Straight Egyptian Babson Mare. Her production record is outstanding. Foals out of Maar Ree have been great producers. Her line will be long remembered for the exquisite type of many of her grand kids.

She had three daughters that were Sheykh Obeyd as well as Straight Egyptian, Maar Jahara, Maar Halima and Bint Maar Ree. Maar Jahara produced RDM Maar Hala, who in turn had three Sheykh Obeyd sons but sadly no replacement daughters. Maar Halima was not bred to a SO stallion, so her line is lost to our efforts. Only the last born foal of Maar Ree, her name-sake, Bint Maar Ree was bred to Sheykh Obeyd Stallions for replacements.

The Sheykh Obeyd mares are a wonderful source of old pre-Inshass blood. They bring elements to the pedigrees of the new straight Egyptian horses not found in the Inshass horses.

Without continuing this Sheykh Obeyd old source of blood for re-infusion back into the New Egyptians, we will lose the valuable type these horses are noted for!

The End.

SOFI Ancestor:  Maar Ree
By  Pat Hampton